Legal Plan

Unmatched Legal Plan

AHPA is unmatched by any other labor organization when it comes to the benefits we offer to our Members. These include a legal plan with over $10 million in assets to protect you, unlike other organizations’ plans. There are no exclusions — all administrative, civil, and criminal issues are covered through the Legal Defense Fund and the Law Offices of Dale Norris, LLC.

Many of our Members activated their AHPA membership simply to have the protection and security of Arizona”s most complete and comprehensive Legal Plan that’s included in their monthly dues payment. As AHPA Members, all sworn and civilian members automatically receive legal coverage from the Law Offices of Dale Norris, LLC. And whereas the AHPA sworn dues ($44.74 per month) include coverage from the Legal Defense Fund, civilian members (dues of $21.28 per month) may also take advantage of the LDF coverage for an additional $3 per month.

Disciplinary hearings before the Merit System; administrative representation including grievances and special actions to Superior Court and higher courts. Experienced representation before the Merit System for member, spouse & dependent child; have successfully taken many cases on appeal to the Superior Court.
Criminal defense for matters occurring within the scope of employment. Initial advice and consultation at scene of incident. Unlimited coverage of all expenses.
Response to critical incidents. Experienced assistance to officers with critical incidents and response to critical incident scenes. Assistance to officers with critical incidents and responds to critical incident scenes when necessary.
Civil defense for matters occurring within the scope of employment. Experienced representation of police officers for duty related matters. Unlimited coverage of all expenses (whether member is represented by the State or not).
Consultation with attorney Free phone and/or office consultations to members and family on any matter.
Personal Injury recovery
(on or off duty).
Fee of 25% or less and in some instances no fee.
Political and legislative action. Assistance at state legislature.
Assistance in developing legislation and political action.
PORAC – LDF is available for assistance.
Class action claims (e.g. FLSA wage and hour claims) Settled such matters as paid lunch periods and overtime. PORAC – LDF is available for assistance.
Other Legal Services Referrals to specialists in fields not covered by this policy. PORAC – LDF assists in locating attorneys to provide additional services to members.
Free wills and discounted services for, trusts and probate. Free probate of officer’s estate for line-of-duty death.
Reduced hourly fees for other services not covered under this benefit. Reduced hourly fees for matters not covered by this plan.
Representation in any matter that forwards the interests of DPS employees. Representation provided at the direction of the Board Assistance with costs and expenses.
** Peace Officers Research Association of California – Legal Defense Fund (PORAC – LDF) formed in 1953 provides legal representation to 55,000 police officers in California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Utah and Washington. This multi-million dollar fund has the ability to defend officers in any type of case. (  During business hours – (602) 307-5627
24-hour number – (800) 255-5610
LDF Coverage Map

LDF Coverage Map

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