What Your Lawmakers Say About AHPA 

“AHPA is a strong voice at the Legislature and has worked hand in hand with us in ensuring that pay increases for Patrol Officers have been included in the budget these last two years,.”
– State Senate President Ken Bennett






“I’ve always been a strong supporter of AHPA and the Department, and they’ve done a great job. A lot of the legislation that went through wouldn’t have gone though if it hadn’t been for the Association and the people they hire to represent their positions.”
House Speaker Jim Weiers 




“It is because of Andy’s integrity and dedication that I have chosen to work closely with him to pass important legislation for the benefit of your members and ultimately the citizens of Arizona.”
State Representative Russell Pearce 







“AHPA was instrumental in fighting for a ‘Meet and Confer’ bill that included all DPS employees.  Without AHPA’s hard work, civilians would have been left out of the process.”
– State Senator John Huppenthal